Match skills, reach goals

We are building a prototype where you can test a soft skill training. The prototype is designed to help you discover which skills you struggle with and then develop them, so that you can achieve your professional goals.

Discover your skills and receive personalised recommendations

What are your ambitions?

Sometimes the ideal job for you can be something unexpected! You can discover new fields of work that require your individual talents or develop your skills further in your current job.

The goal of the ASPIRE project is to offer unique and innovative soft skills training based on real-time labor market data. This is done through the ranking of soft skills, involving educational organizations, organizations that assist job seekers, and employers.

The missing link in the learning process

Companies invest a lot of money in teaching soft skills to their employees, which are important for work success. However, it is not always clear how effective this training is. The ASPIRE project aims to make soft skills education more effective by connecting it to an organization’s culture and the labor market. This will help employees understand the value of their education and help employers find employees who fit well with their organization. The project is important for job seekers, employees, educators, and employers.

Personalised learning in 4 steps

1. Self-reflection

Take a self-reflection test to identify your learning needs

2. Learn

Acquire knowledge and skills through training and education.

3. Earn

Receive digital open badges as proof of your skills and knowledge.

4. Transfer

Align your learning outcomes with labor market data from employers and job opportunities.

Build a personalised learning path

Our prototype process

We want to help you advance in your career or change your professional path. Not sure how to take the next step? ASPIRE is building a prototype of a personalized learning path that can provide you with personalized learning advice. And the good news is: you can be a part of it and test it!

There are 3 steps you can follow, as much as possible in your own language. And if you need guidance, you can get help from the partners of this project.

The 3 steps:

  1. Introduction survey – where we learn what you want and where your interests lie.
  2. Soft skills training – take the skill training and see what the course’s learning outcomes offer for new opportunities.
  3. Evaluation research – we will ask you questions such as: was it relevant, what can be improved, etc.

Ready to participate and test the prototype? Start the ASPIRE prototype process and sign up by clicking the Sign up button.

1. Introduction survey

We help you discover your interests and how they align with different job vacancies

2. Soft skill training

Acquiring skills. Learning and developing soft skills in the ASPIRE project.

3. Evaluation survey

Earn digital open badges awarded upon completion of the soft skill training.

Do you want to find opportunities based on your skills?

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